Looking for that perfect stir as you prepare your dinner? StirAssist ensures continual stirring of your ingredients while simultaneously preventing them from burning. Ideal for creating well-blended risotto, fluffy purée or outstanding Bolognese sauce.


Quick and thorough chopping, mixing, mincing and shredding: that's the versatile power of this stainless steel blade. MultiBlade chops ingredients into coarse or fine pieces, depending on the speed; the faster the knife rotates, the finer it chops.

Dough Blade

The perfect device for mixing and kneading yeasty dough for bread, pizza and pasta.

Egg Whip

Specifically designed to optimise the best whipping results, it's ideal for incorporating air into eggs and egg whites as well as whipping cream and blending dips for delicious meringues, mousses, soufflé and other desserts.

Mini-Bowl and MiniBlade

The Mini-Bowl and stainless steel MiniBlade are the smart solution for small chopping and mixing jobs, low quantity recipes or single servings.

Inner Steamer Basket

This is one of 3 special tools for delicate steam cooking. The Inner Steamer Basket allows you to steam or boil fish, fruit and vegetables.

Steamer Lid, Upper and Lower Steamer Baskets

Gentle cooking with indirect heat results in delicate, healthy dishes. The upper basket is ideal for steaming fish while the lower one best accommodates vegetables. Or you can use these baskets at the same time to cook different food simultaneously.

Cooking Bowl 4.5L

The 4.5L stainless steel bowl provides sufficient capacity for all of the recipes you prepare with the KitchenAid Cook Processor. Boil, fry, stew, steam, puree, dough ... everything starts here.

Measuring Cup 100ml

If you desire cooking results on par with those of top starred chefs, follow the mantra of precision with the measuring cup to assess the exact volume of your recipes' liquid or bulk solid ingredients.

Storage Case

Once cleaned, just place each accessory back in its designated place: the convenient storage case hardly takes up any space!